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Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) was founded in the year 1899 at Vladivostok in Eastern Russia. Vladivostok is also known as Russia’s San Francisco and this is the administrative center of Primorsky Krai.
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is the leading Russian university, in the core of the Asia Pacific Region which makes the institution a strategic research and educational center in the most dynamically developing part of the world.
The Russian traditional educational three-level structure "Institute - Faculty - Department" is replaced in the FEFU with an international two-level system: "School - Department." The new structure differs from the traditional one mainly in the type of educational and scientific management which is implemented by Schools, subdivided according to their educational profile:

o    School of Engineering
o    School of Natural Sciences
o    School of Humanities
o    School of Economy and Management
o    School of Education
o    School of Biomedicine
o    School of Law
o    School of Regional and International Studies
o    School of Arts, Culture and Sports

The FEFU teachers regularly refresh their skills and undergo training at the world leading universities. Moreover, the number of the FEFU teachers who speak fluent English and can deliver lectures and seminars in the foreign language will amount 60% of the staff in the near future.
The university has developed a system of incentives to motivate and attract talented youth from all over Russia and the APR states. For example, paid travel to Vladivostok is offered to applicants from other regions of the Russian Federation who scored high on state exams.
The university students have unique opportunities to choose from various scientific fields and develop leadership qualities. Students will not only live and study on the island but also acquire the first job experience and the first salary. The campus alone provides approximately 1,500 jobs.
Study at the FEFU involves a variety of affairs, various international events, training, voluntary activity, charity, creative and business projects. 

Fees Structures MBBS 2019-2020!: 
Total amount to be paid in Russia for 1st  Year 5900$ * 67 INR = 3,28,300/- INR 
Medical Insurance For 1 year Included
Hostel fee For 1 year Included
Fees to be paid from 2nd to 6th  per year 4900$ * 67 INR = 3,38,300/- INR Per. Year
Total amount to be paid in Russia 30,400$ * 67 INR = 20,36,800/- INR
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Total Fee for the 1st year in Russia, i.e. 5900$ includes Tuition fees, Hostel fees,Medical insurance, State duty for multiple visa, Equivalence certificate fee, Documents translation into the Russian language  and Notarized fee, HIV certificate, Books, Mobile SIM-card, Airport Pick up upon arrival and all other charges of the university as required. 1$=67 INR approx.


  • Consulting in choosing best University for a certain program.
  • Guidance for submission of documents for admission process.
  • Invitation letter from a certain University.
  • VISA preparation and visa fees.
  • Processing of legalization & Apostle MEA Stamping (in Delhi ) on 10th and 12th Mark sheet and 12th Pass Certificate.
  • Guidance for necessary  medical certificate HIV and Fitness.
  • Guidance for Forex and Ticketing.
  • Consultancy Service Charges.

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